It is summer from now! I think that there are many people going on a trip...

The recommended tourist spot on my domestic trip is

The recommended tourist spot on my domestic trip is ""Kanazawa"". Kanazawa is a wonderful town that combines urban elements and gardens such as famous Kenrokuen where you can feel tradition. There are many people who know Kanazawa even if you do not know! Kanazawa has ocean, the seafood is very plentiful and the number of the sushi shop is surprisingly surprisingly delicious! Kanazawa Omie There is a market called a town market, and fresh seafood can be purchased even by the general people. Although it is a popular city such as an urban area and an amusement park / zoo when traveling, occasionally I think land and the like which can feel such history and culture are wonderful. In Kanazawa, there are famous dumplings which are said to be ""the seventh dumpling"" locally, and it seems that there are shops that are said to be waiting in order every day. This is a gyoza that can not be eaten without Kanazawa, so if you have a trip to Kanazawa you definitely want to eat one item. Chaya street etc. are also famous and are located near from downtown, but this is same Kanazawa? It is a place where the atmosphere changes as much as you think.

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