Our Goal: Help Crawford County and the surrounding area become the fittest and most healthy county in the state of Illinois.


Our focus is on service to the community as a whole by teaching nutrition and a fitness prescription that will lead to an active lifestyle and overall improved health. Through teaching proper movement patterns and body awareness, we want to provide a fun and safe environment for children to develop a fitness routine before poor cultural habits creep into their life. We want to provide a general fitness regimen for pre-teens and teens as an avenue to maintain the fitness standards required to participate in their chosen sport. Equally important, pre-teens/teens not participating in sport will be provided an alternate route of participation in daily physical activity. We help build an energy filled life with our adults. They will learn basic and complex movement patterns that they’ve long forgotten how to perform. Our adults build fitness, strength, and nutritional awareness over a period of time leading to weight loss, self-confidence, and generally feeling better.

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About The Name

CrossFit Final Call

During the memorial ceremony when a soldier is killed in combat the company First Sergeant will call roll. He will call off the names of a few soldiers in the company attending the ceremony. Those soldiers will respond with the customary, “here First Sergeant!” The name of the soldier who was killed is saved for last. The name is first called out as rank and last name. “Specialist Doe.” There is no answer. The First Sergeant then calls, “Specialist John Doe.” Again, there is no answer. The First Sergeant will then call the dead by their rank, first, middle, and last name. “Specialist John Robert Doe.” This is the final roll call.

The ceremony includes a display known today as the Soldiers Cross. Because soldiers on the field of battle cannot attend the actual funeral of their fallen comrades, the soldiers cross signifies respect for the dead among the living. It is made of the soldiers rifle stuck into the ground meaning that they were killed in action. The boots are displayed signifying they have made their last march into battle. Dog tags are hung from the rifle and the helmet placed on top so that they may never be forgotten.

The name “CrossFit Final Call” is our way of honoring fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines throughout our history as nation that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. You’ll notice five stars in our logo. They represent the five soldiers that were killed in action during the 1544th Transportation Companies tour in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. You will also notice the soldiers cross. This is a constant reminder of their heroism and service, and that they may never be forgotten.


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