I started CrossFit around 2 years ago. I had always been into fitness and exercising, even teaching my own aerobic classes, but a few years ago I started getting really passionate about lifting weights. When I was introduced into CF, I realized using a barbell I could lift heavier and that intrigued me. But it also scared me! And completely out of my comfort zone. But someone once told me that you should always do the things that scare you because that’s where greatness happens. So I tried a few classes and not only fell in love with the type of work being done within the CF facility, I fell in love with the CrossFit community as a whole.

My first thoughts of CrossFit were like many that have never tried this. I am a nurse so I was always afraid of injury and it being unsafe. I rolled my eyes at people that would be trying all these different exercises. But after just a class, I realized how false my thoughts were. The coaches are adamant about form, correct lifting, and how to use your body in a way to make it stronger, not weaker. I am so impressed with the knowledge base of the coaches at CrossFit Final call. The coaches all pride themselves in getting the proper certificates and instruction so they are able to instruct at the highest level in order to prevent injury.
I have so many bright spots at CFFC. I remember one of my first classes and Coach Matt asked us how are weekend was… then asked “what did you do outside this weekend? Did you play with your kids in the yard? shoots hoops? Because LIFE happens outside of these 4 walls here in the gym and as much as we all are committed to our fitness and being better here in the gym, life happens OUT THERE.” I love the passion the coaches bring here to CrossFit but not only for the love of this sport, but for God, the community, and for genuinely helping us all be better humans.

Right now, I am working on getting my first bar muscle up!! Thats one thing I have wanted to do since starting CF. Not only does it look totally cool, it’s challenging, and demonstrates strength and gymnastic ability. And it makes it even better that Matt and Lindsey both have their gymnastic certificates as well so they are able to help coach in all areas. I love how they are constantly trying to improve themselves so they can help others learn as well.

My favorite memory as of right now at CFFC, was just a few weeks ago when we came together as a community to have a fundraiser WOD for a fellow athletes 4 year old son that has a brain tumor. Before the WOD, we face timed him and sang Happy Birthday to him while he was in the hospital. Fighting back the tears was hard, but the unity and love you felt in that place was amazing that morning. It’s so much more to me than getting stronger, more endurance, big muscles, or 6 pack abs. Its finding a group of people that want to not only battle through tough work outs with you, but always stay around and battle things that life throws at you as well.

Thank you CFFC for welcoming me and making me feel so comfortable.