A Christmas present is what actually got me through the doors of CFFC. I received a gift certificate for the Foundations class for Christmas if 2017. I got interested in the idea of coming months prior to Christmas and kept talking about but couldn’t dig deep enough for the commitment and motivation to actually go. Once I had the gift certificate… I figured I might as well give it a go. I never expected to make it much past Foundations. I was mainly interested in CrossFit for the unique combination of cardio and lifting. It is always something different. I also like the vast group of CrossFit athletes. It’s not just a gym full of super jacked people; it makes it a more welcoming environment.

My first impression was how different the inside of a CrossFit gym looked compared to other gyms. The typical gym is filled with many cable weight machines and treadmills…. The same old boring stuff, but not a CrossFit gym. It was refreshing, scary, and exciting. I remember coming in for a Foundations class and another real class was happening…. seeing the vast group of athletes all performing together made me feel confident that I could also do it. My impression hasn’t changed a whole lot … other than I don’t find it scary anymore. I still think the gym can be refreshing after a crummy day at work. I still think that it can be exciting when you or a fellow athlete hit a new PR or learn a new move.

I really can’t remember my first bright spot… but it was probably just surviving my first real class. I remember watching them in Foundations and thinking “I wouldn’t survive,” but I was wrong. Matt and the other coaches make it where everyone can succeed, if they are willing to try. I would say my “first” bright spot is would be competing in The Open and having my family come watch. That whole Open experience was awesome!

I am working on trying to workout more than 3 times a week. I have found myself slacking in that department, but hoping to get in the groove soon. I am always focusing more on form than I focus on hitting new PRs. I know that if I can get a little more consist on time spent at the gym or practicing at home, that technique and even PRs was will come.

My favorite CFFC memory was Full Battle Rattle! I hit a PR on my clean. During the competition the support from other athletes was incredible.