I came to CrossFit Final Call because I was wanting to better myself for my family and MYSELF. My lifestyle is pretty active and it was getting hard to accomplish anything being out of shape.

My first impression was that I was scared and afraid to go to a class that I may not have a friend or someone I knew in. I was afraid of being embarrassed by not being able to do a move. I now feel like I know everyone and it’s like coming to a family function. I feel more confident in the moves I have practiced and not scared to try something that I may have to scale.

My first bright spot was being able to tell a difference in my abilities. Seeing how far I’ve come since day one is a great feeling. Knowing that I can only keep getting better.

Now I’m working on technique!!!! I know I have a lot of potential especially when I get my technique better. For instance my squat has gotten much lower than when I first started but still has a ways to go.

My favorite memory is seeing Full Battle Rattle. Even though I just volunteered, it was a really cool experience watching the competition and being able to cheer on the athletes :).

I love CrossFit Final Call. It’s really changing my quality of life!! Giving me something more to look forward too!!!!