I came to CrossFit Final Call to do something for myself. I’m a working mom of a special needs daughter, a wife and I care for my parents. We all forget that in order to take care of others we need to care for ourselves. I had also had a very big lose and was having trouble coping with my thoughts and sadness. I came here for me.

When I first walked in I was intimidated, seeing people throwing barbells over their heads thinking what the heck am I doing lord knows I’m not coordinated enough for this but with the continued training and patience of the coaches now I am one of those people.

One of my bright spots was when I not only did a box jump but I did a 30″ box jump from a sitting position. 20″ box jumps used to scare me.

Now I’m working on my technique and mobility- yes mobility is something we work on and is very important as we get older.

Zack standing by me the first time I put weight over my head when I was scared and Matt reminding us that we are stronger than we think we are, are a few of my favorite things along with meeting many wonderful people that encourage each other and work with each other in and out of the gym.