Athlete Story – Amanda

I started CrossFit around 2 years ago. I had always been into fitness and exercising, even teaching my own aerobic classes, but a few years ago I started getting really passionate about lifting weights. When I was introduced into CF, I realized using a barbell I could lift heavier and that intrigued me. But it […]

Athlete Story – Melissa

I came to CrossFit Final Call to do something for myself.  I’m a working mom of a special needs daughter, a wife and I care for my parents. We all forget that in order to take care of others we need to care for ourselves. I had also had a very big lose and was […]

Athlete Story – Hillary

A Christmas present is what actually got me through the doors of CFFC. I received a gift certificate for the Foundations class for Christmas if 2017. I got interested in the idea of coming months prior to Christmas and kept talking about but couldn’t dig deep enough for the commitment and motivation to actually go. […]

Back to School Updates

Summer is almost over. 🙁 FitKids and Barbellas schedules will be changing with the new school year starts. FitKids will meet Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 or Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30. We are also adding a 4 day a week option for our FitKids program. Barbellas will meet Monday and Thursday at 5:30 and […]

InBody Body Composition Scan

InBody Scan SCHEDULE YOUR INBODY SCAN At CFFC, most people come through the door looking to lose weight. This is great and now we can take it a step farther and put a number on it.  The goal now becomes fat loss and/or muscle gain. There are a few ways you can measure your progress. […]

Athlete Story – Jamie

I came to CrossFit Final Call because I was wanting to better myself for my family and MYSELF.  My lifestyle is pretty active and  it was getting hard to accomplish anything being out of shape.  My first impression was that I was scared and afraid to go to a class that I may not have […]

Athlete Story – Aaron

What first brought me into CFFC were the opportunities. CFFC gives me the opportunity to meet new people, to compete at a higher level, and to improve my movements. When I first started, programming/routine was very basic and slow paced. Now, movements are getting more complex and the pace has significantly increased. I/We/The Athletes have learned […]

Travel WODs

With vacation season coming around we thought it might be a good idea to put together some workouts you can do while you’re out on the road this summer. It’s not always possible to drop into a box while traveling, which could mean a week or so without a gym. But that doesn’t mean you […]

What do you want?

Do you have a particular goal in mind? Are you working toward that goal? I mean really truly doing everything in your power to achieve what it is you want to accomplish. There’s no room in this world to slack your way through life if success is to be reached. Success isn’t given, it is […]

If you do nothing, nothing will change.

No one can make you do anything. What we want to do is help you realize that motivation comes from the inside. Everything you need is there, inside of you. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you already possess. You’ve already got the fire and drive to change yourself, and the world around you. […]