What is hard?

Today, going into my training session I was thinking about mindset. I didn’t want to go to the gym since I’ve been working nights the last four nights and today is my swing day back to days. I haven’t really slept all that well over the last few days, and I was feeling kind of […]

The Price of Health

Dave “The Bomber” Draper said once that, “Health and strength come at a small price. The cost of sickness and frailty is enormous, too costly to be estimated.” Whoa! If that isn’t a slap in the face! It’s something though, that most people need to hear. You see, we get so caught up in what […]

Perfectly Imperfect

I don’t think there is any such thing as perfect training. More than that, I don’t think we should allow ourselves to try to make training perfect. There is perfection in imperfection. When is the last time you found yourself in a perfect situation in life? It’s pretty tough to do. We wake up late, […]

2018 CFFC Intramural Open

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide CrossFit competition. We will do it every year. It’s fun. Our goals at CrossFit Final Call: to inspire and spread health and fitness in our community. Competition helps with the ‘inspire’ part: the pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best […]

Foundations – Laying the Groundwork

“What is it?” “Can you give me more details?” “How many classes are there?” “How long is each class?” These are the questions we usually hear. This is your one stop shop for all the information you need to know about the Foundations program at CrossFit Final Call!! When beginner athletes join CrossFit Final Call […]

Athlete Story: Zack

1. Before finding us, what was your struggle? What were your biggest frustrations? My biggest struggle was …drive…. I lacked motivation. I felt as if all I did was get up, go to work, come home, and go to bed. I lacked self confidence and honestly I was a little ashamed of who I had […]

Road to Handstand Push-Up’s: Part 1 – The Push-Up

Handstand push-ups are, for some people, a very intimidating movement in CrossFit. The gymnastics movement is difficult, but not impossible! The HSPU is not only great for building upper body and shoulder strength, but they’re also wonderful for training one of our 10 General Physical Skills – balance. “Balance – the ability to control the […]

Struggling To Get Your First Pull-Up?

We know that you have goals. For many of you, the goal is to get that first strict pull-up. This 14 workout program is sure to help build the pure pulling strength needed to get your chin over the bar for the first time. This program is built for athletes who have very few or […]

Samson Strong 3.5 at CrossFit Final Call 1/6/18

In an effort to unify the strength community, CrossFit Final Call is excited to host Samson Strong 3.5 on Jan 6, 2018. The strongman meet will have multiple divisions to include men’s and women’s Teens, Novice, Master’s, Open Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. Because these classes include a teen and novice division respectively, we encourage EVERYONE […]