The Science Behind CrossFit Kids

Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together A newborn’s brain comes into this world with very few neural connections. During childhood, however, connections are made easily and quickly. It is why “play” is so important! Positive feelings like curiosity, confidence, and enjoyment only make these connections stronger. So we have our kids squat (which they already […]

Squat Range of Motion

What and Why Full Range of Motion? If you’ve been with us long enough (at least one day) you’ve likely heard your coach tell you that the standard depth for any squat variation is that the crease of the hip (A) must travel below the top of the knee (B). Simple enough to understand, but […]


CrossFit Final Call is now offering a group program specifically designed with older athletes in mind. CrossFit Final Call Legends Program is not different from the standard CrossFit programming which is based on performing constantly varied functional movements at a (relative) high intensity (along with Olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning). The difference is […]

Athlete Story – Rachelle

I first came to CrossFit because my husband had been working out for some time, so I decided to go watch him one day! I ended up starting the foundations class that same day! My first impression was that I was so out of shape and way overweight. I had a lot of doubt in […]

Coach Cole – Intern

I first heard about CrossFit Final Call through Devin’s mom in college. She was one of my instructors at Lincoln Trail College when I was attending classes there. Prior to that I had always been curious about CrossFit and all that went into it. I watched the 2015 games on Netflix when Ben Smith was […]

Coach Zack – CF-L1

I started CrossFit because I wasn’t happy with me.  I wanted something better for myself physically and mentally.  I was tired of looking in the mirror and being disappointed.  The variety of movements and workouts looked like way more fun than running all the time! My first impression of CrossFit was “what did I get […]

Coach Lindsey – Owner, CF-L1, Gymnastics, Nutrition Coach

I have been a vivid exerciser since middle school. I was what you might call a “cardio queen”. My husband started CrossFit long before me, 7 years to be exact. And after 7 years of him bugging me, and nagging running injuries I decided to try it out.   The First time I tried CrossFit I loved […]

Athlete Story – Jamie

I have always done endurance sports, more specifically marathons and I had just started triathlons.  I felt like I was stuck in a rut and needed to change up my routine.  CrossFit seemed like a good opportunity. I was very skeptical at first but I instantly fell in love with the team concept.  It didn’t […]