Coach Cole – Intern

I first heard about CrossFit Final Call through Devin’s mom in college. She was one of my instructors at Lincoln Trail College when I was attending classes there. Prior to that I had always been curious about CrossFit and all that went into it.

I watched the 2015 games on Netflix when Ben Smith was the man on top before Matt Fraser. It peaked my interest because it looked like much more of a challenge than anything I had ever done or seen.

I am currently studying Law Enforcement with a minor in Forensic Science, but after that my I plan to join the military and try to fulfill my lifelong passion of being a Navy SEAL. I knew I had to pick up my training if I even wanted a chance to make it and I felt like CrossFit was just the way to do it. So I signed up for foundations as soon as I possibly could.

My first impression was, “wow, this is really hard.” But I really enjoyed the challenge and everything that came with CrossFit. Now almost a year later my love for CrossFit and this gym has continued to grow! No matter what has happened throughout my day I can always count on coming to the gym to clear my head.

My first bright spot in the gym was completing the notorious “Murph” challenge in just a little bit over 40 minutes with a 25 pound vest.

Right now, I’m pushing myself to be better in all physical aspects of CrossFit to be in the best shape I can possibly be in. Also learning how I can help others be better at CrossFit, so they too can have a better everyday life! I can’t just pick one CrossFit memory that is my favorite because there are too many, but I love the holiday get togethers and workouts that brings everyone to the gym to suffer together!

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