Strength training for everyone is important but strength training for endurance athletes is especially important. Multiple research studies have shown that strength training shows greater muscle endurance, resistance to fatigue, and increases the efficiency of a person’s oxygen use while running as well as their sprint speed. Endurance athletes need to run economically, sprint fast, have tremendous endurance with all of their muscles and be resistant to fatigue for as long as possible. To be successful and show an improvement in performance athletes should do resistance training at least twice a week.


FCEndurance is designed to supplement training for endurance athletes with strength training twice a week. For example, the typical triathlete will train three days a week running, twice a week swimming, twice a week biking. FCEndurance will include one day of full body strength, and one day a week focused specifically on leg strength.

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FCEndurance will be $60 per month and meet Thursday’s @ 6:30pm, and Saturday’s @ 10:00am

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