Foundations – Laying the Groundwork

We get asked all the time about our Foundations program: “What is it?” “Can you give me more details?” “How many classes are there?” “How long is each class?”

This is your one stop shop for all the information you need to know about the Foundations program at CrossFit Final Call!!

When beginner athletes join CrossFit Final Call we require them to attend a 5 session beginner program called Foundations. Each class is about an hour long and it will include some sort of warm-up, a review of movements previously learned, an introduction to new movements, and a short workout at the end of the class. Athletes that have already been through an on-ramp at another affiliate or have been doing CrossFit for 6+ months are not required to complete the Foundations program.

Through these five classes athletes will be exposed to the 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit, along with other staple exercisese9b654f2c230e8ae25e7d97ee828b5fa such as the Clean, Snatch, push-ups, sit-ups, box jumps, and more. Each movement will be explained in detail along with scaling options so that each person has an understanding of the movement and a starting point. After completion athletes will be able to move to the group classes and be familiar with the points of performance of each movement.

We move beyond the “how,” and dive into the “why” we do what we do. It is our hope that a deeper understanding of movement will help to encourage solid training habits so that athletes will see more success as they move forward.

Our biggest goal in Foundations in injury prevention. In order to lower the chances for injury (there is always a chance for injury during exercise), new athletes are educated about their bodies and how to do movements correctly. Summed up, the more we as coaches can get involved in instructing and guiding athletes, the less likely they are to get injured. We would never just throw a new person into class without them knowing the basic movements and the proper way to scale them to their own ability.

No need to worry about being the odd man out. Everyone starts in Foundations. You’ll learn the ebb and flow of CrossFit Final Call. We have worked hard to develop a specific social atmosphere at the gym, and we hope you will learn how you will fit in. We are one big family at CrossFit Final Call, and we want to welcome you with open arms. Remember as you look across the gym at that CrossFit class going on, everyone across the room was in your spot once. They are still developing as athletes too, no matter how long they’ve been in the game. The goal is always to get better in some way shape or form, no matter where the starting point is.

Because we feel that new athletes learn better in a one-on-one setting with a coach, Foundations is now only offered in 5 one-on-one sessions. This provides athletes with more focused attention on their movement and understand of the exercises.

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If you’re still asking yourself, “What is CrossFit?” Check out this detailed article from the CrossFit Journal – Foundations



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