The Price of Health

Dave “The Bomber” Draper said once that, “Health and strength come at a small price. The cost of sickness and frailty is enormous, too costly to be estimated.”

Whoa! If that isn’t a slap in the face!

It’s something though, that most people need to hear. You see, we get so caught up in what we have going on today that we completely forget about tomorrow.

It’s easy to do, I get it. Today was, in fact, a busy day for me. I had so many things I had to get done. I checked them off of my to do list one by one and before I knew it the evening had settled in on me.

Although in sure you wouldn’t have guessed it by now.. the days training was at the top of my list of things to do.

Maybe it’s not at the top of your list, or on your list at all for that matter. Well, that’s the point the ol’ Bomber is trying to make. If you don’t make it important today, pay attention to it that is, it will cost you tomorrow.

When I think about that opening quote, I think about the investment we make in ourselves.

Sure, a gym membership might cost you a few bucks every month. You might even do as I did and invest in building your own garage gym. While it can be done fairly cheap, it will still cost some money. But what is a dollar really worth?

We must invest our time. It takes time out of our day to drive to the gym, train, and drive home. You’re probably looking at a minimum of five hours a week of your personal time spent training. What is a few hours a week compared to a lifetime of feeling strong and fit?

We must invest our heart and mind into training. This is not simply a task that must be brainlessly completed. No, we must be in the moment with both mind and body if we expect change. I believe you’ll find that the stronger your body becomes, your mind will follow. Your spirit will be reawakened, and you’ll begin to find the joys in life again.

Time, money, effort..

These are all but small investments to live a truly healthy life. Feeling good and living a strong life are not things we can put a price tag on, because they are priceless.

One could never truly know what the greater cost of an unhealthy lifestyle might be until the end of their days. A life cut short by lack of motivation. Time will surely be short on that hospital bed in those last days.

 What will be your excuse then?

What is the point of living each day tired and angry at yourself for the way you look and feel? How dark the world must be to the person who lacks motivation and a purpose in their life. The Bomber calls it “prison in a free world.”

Man, is he right or what? To be confined by the sluggish and bleakness of a life without the beauty of strength and all that comes with it. Sounds depressing to me.

Think of the long term investment. Drop the excuses and get to work.

Are you worth the investment? Could you find the time, money, and effort to take care of yourself so that you may live a long and fulfilling life? Is it worth the investment to live out your days full of life and energy? Wouldn’t your children or grandchildren be appreciative of your investment?

It’s only a small price to pay for the future returns you will receive.


Always Ready.

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