Coach Lindsey – Owner, CF-L1, Gymnastics, Nutrition Coach

I have been a vivid exerciser since middle school. I was what you might call a “cardio queen”. My husband started CrossFit long before me, 7 years to be exact. And after 7 years of him bugging me, and nagging running injuries I decided to try it out.  

The First time I tried CrossFit I loved it. That first 10 minute WOD killed me more than a 10 mile run! I still love it. I love it so much I have practically given up running (I was a marathon runner). I like lifting now, which I never thought I would. I was always afraid to get bulky, but guess what that never happened!

Oh goodness, there have been a lot of bright spots. Being able to do my first strict pull-up, which I worked on for over a year was definitely a highlight for me! More than that, I have bright spots daily but they don’t revolve around me, they revolve around our members making gains and progress in health and nutrition. 

Now I’m working on Olympic lifts and getting stronger. I know that none of those skills I want to happen like muscle ups can without the strength aspect. 

My favorite CFFC memory is the Wod for Ayden. It was amazing seeing everyone come together for such a good cause!

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